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The word Tepes has long been revered with darkness in the Carpathian Mountains. It rings from a time of a blood thirsty ruler, the son of the dragon. The word itself means, “the impaler” and this weapon really represents that. The Tepes saber, with dagger spiked emitter and entrancing crystal reveal, really state that you are no one to be trifled with. Add on a Polearm shaft and turn this saber into a menacing lance.

The Tepes saber is a all metal design hilt. This saber comes available in RGBX Smoothswing Base lite or Xenopixel. This saber also comes with 1" x 36" polycarbonate blade, hex wrench, charging cable and additional set screws. Polearm shaft not included.

Please allow 4-6 weeks production time.

The Tepes Saber

  • RGBX Smoothswing v3 Baselit Setup

    • RGB OEM Spectrum Colors
    • Oem 23mm Speaker
    • Momentary Illuminated Red Switch
    • Powered by a 18650  3.7v  3000mah Battery
    • Now with Smoother SmoothSwing Algorithm
    • 12 fonts + Mute Mode
    • Improved Force Effect
    • Motion deactivation for Flowing
    • Clash on / off Functionality
    • Clarity crisp sound
    • Improved Blaster Effects
    • Lockup
    • Adjustable Effects <stable/unstable/pulse>
    • Deep Sleep
    • Added Gesture controls Functionality

    Xenopixel Pixel Setup

    • Bright 50w RBG color changing setup with pixel blade
    • Smoothswing
    • Features flash on clash, lock-up, blaster blocks & force effects
    • 16gb SD card user friendly font editing & adding
    • Dynamic pre-ignition effects
    • Customizable blade effects
      - Strobe
      - Pulse
      - Flame Blade
      - Rainbow Blade
      - Ghost Blade
      - Candy Blade
      - Customizable Gradients
      - Blaster Blade
    • Customized color cycle changeable
    • Solid internal chassis to protect electronics
    • In-hilt charging 18650 rechargeable safety battery
    • 3w 4ohm 24mm loud bass speaker
    • SD card keychain reader
    • 21 sound fonts with volume controls - Loud, Softer & Mute
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