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Join the Knighthood

Earn Imperial Credits for Deep Discounts


Mystic Knights has created a new Loyalty Program. We wanted to reward our loyal followers and give a little something back. There are several ways that you can earn credits. When you subscribe to the website you automatically are enrolled in the Loyalty Program and receive 50 credits right off the bat just for signing up. After that you will earn more credits that you can save up for discounts on the Mystic Knights website. The more credits you earn, the larger the discounts you can unlock. So let's beak it down and explain how it works so you can get out there and start earning and work towards your discount.

How It Works

Once you subscribe to the website you're enrolled and ready to start earning credits.

• Earn 50 Credits for subscribing to the website.

• Earn 1 Credit for every dollar spent on the website

• Earn 25 Credits for posting your Mystic Knights saber on social media.

• Earn 250 Credits when someone makes a purchase and mentions you sent them.


Earn credits and unlock discounts

• 250 Credits = 10% off          • 500 Credits = 15% off

• 750 Credits = 20%          • 1000 Credits = 25% off

Credits are issued instantly for subscribing and for purchases, although credits for postings and references must be noted to Mystic Knights. With posts on social media, you must show your new Mystic Knights saber or accessory and tag Mystic Knights in the post so we can see it. If the post is not properly tagged and we don't see it, you can send us and message and after review we will issue the credits for posting. To earn credits for referring Mystic Knights to someone else, the other person must make a purchase and mention that they were sent by you. After they purchase, the credits will be immediately added to your total. Credit will continue to continued to be collected until they are used. You can collect as many credits as you wish and continue to earn more, however the discounts cap at 25%. Only one discount can be applied at a time, and can not be combined with another offer or discount. Credits can be transferred too, but not from another customer already signed up to the loyalty program by contacting Mystic Knights. So if you have 500 credits and a friend has 500 credits, you can transfer your credits to the other customer and combine then into 1000 credits to unlock the 25% discount. Credit do not expire and will roll-over from year to year. Any returns purchased using credits will only return the cash spent on the item/s and will not return the credits. We appreciate everything that our loyal supporters have done to expand the Mystic Knights name and we want to reward you for that. Thank you for everything you do.

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