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“The Dark rises and the Light to meet it.”Introducing the Draic Saber. Now no matter if you choose the Dark Side or the Light Side. Now you can wield the ultimate power in the galaxy.

The Silver Draic Saber includes chrome finish, laser etched dragon icon, custom dragonskin wrapped hilt with your choice of colors and custom selected color jewel. The Draic Saber is an exclusive duel ready all metal design hilt. This saber features modular hilt with handgrip that unscrews from the switch section for quick access to the battery and electronics. It also employs the new USB-C charging system. The saber comes with either standard Xeno3RGB, Xeno3Pixel, Golden Harvest V3 or ProffiePixel. This saber also comes with a 1" x 36" polycarbonate blade or pixel blade, charging cable or battery charger, hex wrenchand additional set screws.


This saber was designer by: Mystic Knights Armory


Ripper Blade sold seperately.


Please allow 4-6 weeks production time.

The Silver Draic Saber