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The New Starfighter Polearm saber is a long-handled weapon used for fighting at a distance. Similar to a spear yet often wielded like a long-handled sword. The Polearm has a long wooden pole with a short-bladed weapon at the tip. Whether on horseback, on foot, or fighting from the high ground, the Polearm is almost an impossible weapon to beat. The 57” Polearm Saber is an exclusive all metal design hilt with long wooden shaft. This saber can be available empty or installed with Xeno3RGB, Xeno3Pixel or ProffiePixel. This saber also comes with 1" x 24" white polycarbonate blade or pixel blade, hex wrench, charging cable and additional set screws.

Blade shown not included.


Please allow 4-6 weeks production time.

The Starfighter V2 Polearm Saber

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