The Fulcrum Saber Set are duel ready all metal design hilts. These saber come available in standard RGBX Smoothswing Baselit, Xenopixel. These saber also come standard with (2) 7/8" x 36" polycarbonate blade or heavy-grade neopixel blade.

Custom blade sizes are available for RGBX and pixel blades. Indicate in comments section what custom blade lengths you want.


Please allow 2-4 weeks production time.

The Fulcrum v2 Saber Set

  • RGBX Smoothswing v3 Baselit Setup

    • RGB OEM Spectrum Colors
    • Oem 23mm Speaker
    • Momentary Illuminated Red Switch
    • Powered by a 18650  3.7v  3000mah Battery
    • Now with Smoother SmoothSwing Algorithm
    • 12 fonts + Mute Mode
    • Improved Force Effect
    • Motion deactivation for Flowing
    • Clash on / off Functionality
    • Clarity crisp sound
    • Improved Blaster Effects
    • Lockup
    • Adjustable Effects <stable/unstable/pulse>
    • Deep Sleep
    • Added Gesture controls Functionality

    Xenopixel Pixel Setup

    • Bright 50w RBG color changing setup with pixel blade
    • Smoothswing
    • Features flash on clash, lock-up, blaster blocks & force effects
    • 16gb SD card user friendly font editing & adding
    • Dynamic pre-ignition effects
    • Customizable blade effects
      - Strobe
      - Pulse
      - Flame Blade
      - Rainbow Blade
      - Ghost Blade
      - Candy Blade
      - Customizable Gradients
      - Blaster Blade
    • Customized color cycle changeable
    • Solid internal chassis to protect electronics
    • In-hilt charging 18650 rechargeable safety battery
    • 3w 4ohm 24mm loud bass speaker
    • SD card keychain reader
    • 21 sound fonts with volume controls - Loud, Softer & Mute