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Some men are born into greatness. They have been chosen to bring balance and harmony to the universe. To fight back against oppression and Tierney. It is their destiny.


The Chosen Saber v2 is a duel ready all metal design hilt. This new version of the Chosen Saber features light up red and green LED arrows on the control box and comes with the standard emitter head or a deep socket emitter head for better blade retention. This saber can be installed with either Xeno3RGB, Xeno3Pixel or ProffiePixel. This saber also comes with a clear acrylic stand, blade plug, 1" x 36" polycarbonate blade or pixel blade, charging cable or battery charger, hex wrenchand additional set screws.


Click here to view additional control box cards - available on the Extras page


Please allow 4-6 weeks production time.

The Chosen Saber v2

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