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Proffie 2.2 OS6 Core

Bright 50w RBG color changing Proffie 2.2 setup

Single button setup & In-hilt charging port


Programmable 16gb SD card

Preprogrammed customizable blade effects

Features Pre Power On, Flash on Clash, Lock up & Blaster Block

3w 4ohm Loud Bass Speaker for great sound

15 sound fonts with volume control

Solid internal chassis to protect electronics

In-Hilt rechargable safety battery


Preloaded Sound Fonts

"Balance" by LordBlako Saber Fonts

"Psy-Borg" by CrystalSoniX

"Daddy Issues Complete" by Fourzze FX

"Guardian" by LDN Sabers

"Cryo Carbon" by Repulse Custom Sounds

"Peace" by Kyberphonic Fonts

"Violence" by Kyberphonic Fonts

"Son of Darkness" by Dark Path Media

"Eternal Prince" by Repulse Custom Sounds

"The Phantom" by Project Fonts

"The Shadow" by Project Fonts

"Shadows" by Echo Studio

"The Classic Villain" by Fourzze FX

"Energy Pike" by The Proplicator

"Knighthood" by Fourzze FX


This kit is designed to fit 1" sabers for direct replacement of the standard chassis kit that comes with the saber. You can also use this with the "Build Your Own" sabers.

* Please note that the Proffie core is 1" longer than the standard cores and won't fit in all saber unless you add an extension piece. You can find the extension piece on the Extras page in the Parts section.

Proffie 2.2 OS6 Core

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