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The legendary Keyblade from the game Kingdom Hearts has become an icon amongst not only gamers, but with cosplayers and Disney fans alike. Now the Keyblade has come to the saber community with The Keyblade Pixel Mystic Blade. The blade stem can be cut to any length to accommodate your saber. These blades are perfect for cosplay. The real metal blades complete the look of your saber.

Blade length - 32”

Pixel Count - 112/side = 216 pixels

Blades do not come etched unless acid etching option is selected. Premade designs along with

custom acid etching service are available.


* Please note that these blade are not for dueling of any kind. For show only!


This is a pixel blade and will not work with base lit sabers.


Please allow 4-6 weeks production time.

Keyblade Pixel Mystic Blade

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