From the darkest depths of hate and despair, rises the Dark Lord. None can stand in the way of their wrath and fury. Mighty and powerful. The Dark Lord will cut down all who oppose them.


The Dark Lord Saber is a duel ready all metal design hilt. This saber is installed with Proffie 2.2 OS5.7 sounf board. This saber also comes with a lockable hard case, clear acrylic stand, blade plug, 1" x 36" polycarbonate blade or pixel blade, charging cable or battery charger, hex wrenchand additional set screws.


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Please allow 2-4 production time.

The Dark Lord Saber - Proffie

$479.00 Regular Price
$407.15Sale Price
  • Proffie 2.2 OS5.7 Pixel Setup

    • Bright 50w RBG color changing setup with pixel blade
    • Smoothswing
    • Features flash on clash, lock-up, blaster blocks & force effects
    • 16gb SD card user friendly font editting & adding
    • Customized color cycle changeable
    • Solid internal chassis to protect electronics
    • In-hilt charging 18650 rechargeable safety battery
    • 3w 4ohm 24mm loud bass speaker
    • 15 sound fonts